Interior Painting

Interior House Painting

ATE Painting painters strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of industry knowledge, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied. 

Learn from other people's mistakes.  Don't spend your days / nights /  weekends or vacation time at the hardware store, researching painting products, or painting on your own (don't risk choosing wrong product, paint stains on furniture or flooring, uneven lines, and never-ending headaches). 

Instead, let ATE Painting simplify the painting process for you, choose the proper materials, professionally paint your interior, and clean-up after each day of work.  We are fast and work efficiently to minimize the inconvenience to your daily lives - and we will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied.

ATE  Painting is here to help - our professional interior painting crew has the experience and knowledge required for any job.  

Wallpaper Removal

ATE Painting removes unwanted wallpaper, cleans wall from glue, smoothes and prepares walls, which includes repair to walls (we fix cracks, fill holes, prepare walls for new wallpaper installation or fresh coat of paint.)


Kitchen Cabinets Painting/ Vanity Painting

Kitchen cabinets

We've painted all varieties of wood kitchen cabinets (oak, cherry) - light or dark (changing from stain to paint).

Customer can choose from many colors.  Paint is applied by airless spray or roller and brushes.

We also can stain kitchen cabinets to any stain color or mixed custom stain color. Some kitchen cabinet doors can be removed and painted off site at our shop to ensure a smooth finish.


Staining / Varnishing

We use the best stains and specialty coatings available.  Interior staining, 

Kitchen cabinets and vanity, trim and moulding, steps, stairway, railings, balusters,

change stain color / polyurethane finish

mention that floor finishers may not do stairs / railings  / etc. but we do.

remove rug from stairs prep then apply special coating and match existing stain



have you look at your basement recently? get this walls or ceiling painted or stained it is make this area looks clean and it is a very cheap way you can handle it by your self or hire a Professional , it is all in the amount of paint you use but dont forget to prep it wright so you dont waste your time 

Garage floor is a big procces specialy if you park your car in it you can use special paint floor or epoxy paint but i will requmend to hir a pro to do so to get the job right and dont wast a lot of expensive paint